Monday, September 20, 2010

Keeping it Cool

So far along the East Coast our big hurricane season has stayed out in the Atlantic. We did have a story told at church a couple of weeks ago of a family who experienced a hurricane last month while they were on a cruise. Maybe we can get her to be a guest blogger and tell her story here. Some good lessons learned!

Bringing up Hurricanes always gets people talking about when their family was in a serious hurricane. A serious enough hurricane to lose power, drive through flood waters, or having to evacuate. These are all very difficult experiences.

Even if we are able to stay in our home during an emergency, losing power can effect a lot of our daily comforts. It can affect the safety of our food. The USDA suggests getting ice or dry ice to keep in your refrigerator or freezer if the power goes out for a long period of time.

The USDA says, "If the power has been out for several days, then check the temperature of the freezer with an appliance thermometer or food thermometer. If the food still contains ice crystals or is at 40 °F or below, the food is safe."

So next time I here a threatening storm is coming, I will go to the store to do my regular grocery run...bread, milk, eggs, granola bars...and big bags of ice. Do the bags of ice run out at the store when a big storm is coming like other supplies? Well next time I am going to find out.

If the power does go out, the refrigerator food will stay good up to four hours, if the door remains closed. After four hours, it is time to start throwing out the perishable foods such as meat, eggs, and milk.

The things that will be good after four hours include ketchup, mustard, jams, BBQ sauce,soy sauce, bread, and some hard cheese. Of course, when in doubt throw it out!

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