Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Tasty

The egg recall that has been happening around the country is a good reminder of food safety. Kurt and I looked up the egg recall to make sure our eggs were safe and that eggs were not the only thing being recalled. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has a whole list of foods that has been recalled. Go to Current Recalls and Alerts for a complete list.

Still Tasty is another very useful site that you can look up foods that you buy and see if they are still good after their expiration date. It tells how to tell the difference between products that say, Use-By, Best if Used By, Best By, Best Before, etc. It has a "Keep it or Toss it" database that you can look up almost any food to see if it is still good to eat.

When we are storing so much food, we need to become experts on the safety of the food we eat. These are to very helpful resources. Something I have learned recently from "Still Tasty" is that unsweetened cocoa powder keeps for one year once it has been opened. But it keeps indefinitely when unopened! I am going to buy more of that for my food storage. The more chocolate the better.


Wendy J. said...

Linda, thanks for all your handy tips!

Amanda said...

This is awesome information! and yes... i had a thought a few years ago... only one item really needed for food storage... and that is Chocolate! haha. that way i can trade other people for their food when rations go low! (um, i'm totally joking!) but for sure it's on my food storage list! :)

Linda said...

I totally agree with you Amanda! The more chocolate the better!

Linda said...

Thanks Wendy! I love to hear comments like that:)