Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tax Holiday

What would food storage look like in Cancun, Mexico? This is full of corn to make corn tortillas with (thanks Heather, for the picture.). What will your 3 month food storage look like? I hope you got the hand out at the Preparedness Fair to start a 3 Month Plan.
Thanks to everyone who came to the Preparedness Fair. I had never tasted freezed dried food storage. I was so impressed! Thanks Bob, from East Coast Food Storage. It was so much fun having them there. Recipes from the food storage sample table will be posted soon.
There is an important event coming up this week. Tuesday May 25- June 1 is the Sales Tax Holiday in Virginia for many Emergency Preparedness supplies. This list includes bottled water, batteries, duct tape, first aid kits, flashlights, and cel phone chargers or batteries.
To get a full list of items and all the details visit here. Hurricane season officially starts June 1, so now is a great time to get great deals on these items.


Anonymous said...

Live it up!

Linda said...

:) I know, it would be a little more exciting if I was actually in Cancun. Maybe some day...