Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow Storm Lessons


I loved the post today from "By Common Consent, A Mormon Blog." She experienced the DC snow this past weekend and the craziness that went along with this. It reminds me that we must not just stockpile food, but have a plan for what we store. That is so important!! It reads:

"Let’s face it: If we really need to survive a year on food storage, then I’m guessing we also ought to store ammunition to fend off the starving people. However, this weekend my city was caught on the outskirts of the “epic” (by southern standards) snowfall. For the first time, I saw a glimpse of the panic that can ensue when people are unprepared for events that disrupt their communities on a wide scale. The grocery store resembled a war zone: The bread was gone, eggs were thrown in random places, and the check out line extended around the store. .." read the rest of the story here.

My husband was in the DC area when a huge storm hit in the 90's. He experienced a similar circumstance, where the grocery stores were empty. I have heard it only takes people missing three meals before there is a panic that begins to set in. I hope your food storage has a plan and not just shelves of food your family doesn't usually eat and will only eat in an emergency. Maybe you are saying, we will eat it when we are really hungry. That probably is true, but there can be digestive problems when we eat a bunch of food our body is not use to. Store food and make a plan!
They are also saying that tens of thousands of people north of us have lost power. If you lose power, then you lose your water. The pipes freeze, and you will have no source of water. They said on the news people are going down to streams to get water and boiling it.

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