Tuesday, December 15, 2009

History Lessons

I received my Grandma's Christmas letter today. She is going to be 99 years old in a few weeks. She has lived through both World Wars and The Great Depression. She wrote about many of the events she has lived through. She was 30 years old when World War II began. She writes,
"During these war years of World War II, many items were rationed including tires, gas, meat, sugar, butter, shoes and nylon hose. Other items were just plain not available. Unavailable items included pepper and pineapple (because they came for the Pacific where the war was raging) and chewing gum (because it was all being shipped to the military)."
Rationing and unavailability are two great reasons to create a food storage. Whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, storing food helps us to, "prepare every needful thing."


Anonymous said...

What a great thing - to have hand written letters from grandparents! I still have some my grandparents had written to me - now that they are gone, I treasure them.
One thing I remember we could not get (and really wanted) during the hurricane a few years back when everyone lost power)- was air freshener! With the air off (due to power loss) and lots of sweaty, hot children running through the house -unable to take anything but cool baths - febreze would have been appreciated! It's sure included in my food storage now!

Linda said...

That is a great insight, not something I would have thought of. We really gain some great insights when living through something like that. Thanks!